mens hair systemshair4all could design you a hair replacement system that would last years but we’re guessing you don’t want something that looks like a woolly hat or a tea-cosy? We believe in honesty and quality natural looking hair.

We have over 15 years experience in the industry and want to share our knowledge so you can make an informed choice about non-surgical hair replacement.

Call it what you like – hairpiece, wig, toupee or hair system – the term is irrelevant, it’s quality and affordability that count. Yesteryear’s wigs are today’s hair systems and we supply the very best.

Historically, hairpieces and toupees would be associated with men, while wigs would be associated with both men and women.

In the past men would be ridiculed for wearing an obvious, bad-fitting hairpiece. The hair quality was poor, the colour did not match their natural hair and the piece was too thick & heavy. And if that was not bad enough the hairpiece would often fall off due to poor attachment techniques.

womens hair systemsThis stigma around hairpieces remains to this day but worry no more gentlemen, there is a new generation of hair replacement systems that look and feel as good as the real thing. And they will never fall off.

It may be true that wearing a wig is generally more accepted for women; many women wear wigs as a fashion accessory so the stigma is not there as it is with men, especially for women with African hair. However, poor quality, ill-fitting wigs will make the wig wearing lady just as self-conscious as the dodgy toupee wearing man.

Today’s hi-tech hair replacement systems are manufactured by skilled artisans using the finest materials and the latest techniques.

Before you consider other expensive forms of hair loss treatment read through the site and learn about quality affordable hair replacement solutions from hair4all.

Look fantastic with hair4all hair replacement systems

We hope you agree that both Sukesh and Susan (pictured) look amazing in hair4all custom hair systems.

Technology and craftsmanship skills enable us to provide you with the most natural looking hair replacement available because hair systems are the latest generation of hairpieces and wigs.

Have a look at the comparison chart below to see the differences between traditional hairpieces and modern hair replacement systems.

Wigs, Hairpieces, Toupeees Hair Systems
Poor quality hair that is dull, brittle, loses colour and has stiff movement. High quality human hair with the most natural shine, strength, colour retainment and real movement.
Base materials are unnatural looking, heavy and uncomfortable. Highly transparent skin or lace materials that are thin and lightweight. They enable the scalp to breathe and the hair to move like natural hair.
Heavy hair density to hide underlying base materials. The highly transparent bases enable very light densities to be used. The bases take on the tone of your scalp making the hair appear to be growing out of your scalp.
Unsightly frontal hairlines. Lace fronts and skin systems with graduated thickness give the most natural hairlines even under close scrutiny.
Mismatch to natural hair. All aspects of your hair (including colour) are matched to ensure your hair system integrates with your natural hair. We even match colour blends such as greys.
Poorly fitting due to being mass manufactured and sold off the shelf. Individually customised and manufactured to fit your scalp.

There are a number of elements that go into making a quality hair system.

  • Base Materials

    The foundation which carries the hair replacement. Different materials are used depending on longevity, natural appearance, breathability, etc.

    Read more about Base Materials.

  • Graduated Front Hairline

    Bleached knots are used to create a jagged hairline with 1 or 2 hairs at the very front, then slightly behind there are 3 to 5 hairs, then slightly behind there more more hairs. Giving a hairline that appears natural just like a normal head of hair.

    Read more about Graduated Front Hairline.

  • Hair Types

    There are different types and qualities of hair that are used in hair systems. Each type has different properties and qualities, and it is a must to use the correct hair type to meet your requirements and give you the look you desire.

    Read more about Hair Types.

  • Hair Density

    See how different hair densities appear with dry hair and wet look, so you can make the right choice to suit your appearance.

    Read more about Hair Density.

  • Wave Pattern & Curls

    We can wave or perm the hair to match your own hair, or maybe you just want to try out a different style and want to specify a wave pattern.

    Read more about Wave Pattern & Curls.

  • Hair Colours

    We will colour match to ensure the hair replacement integrates with your existing hair, or you can specify a different shade or hair colour if you prefer.

    Read more about Hair Colours.

  • Grey Hair & Colour Blends

    Grey hair looks amazingly natural and does not have to re-coloured. If you have grey hair then we show you how your hair system will look with different grey hair percentages.

    Read more about Grey Hair & Colour Blends.

  • Attachment Techniques

    Methods for attaching and securing hair systems for temporary wear, daily wear, and extended permanent wear.

    Read more about Attachment Techniques.